Hamby Haven – Tyson Sardis

Hamby Haven – Tyson Sardis


Hello, I am Tyson Sardis and I am currently 30 years old. I moved into “The White House” on February 25, 2011. Prior to moving in to my current home, I was a shut-in. I had no friends and only watched tv, play on my playstation and ate during the day while my mom was at work. Now, I have a lot of friends who love me a lot. I have an extended family who keep me very busy. I have been learning to read, write and add numbers.

Some of my new activities are: going to the movies, bowling on Friday nights with the Special Olympics and I am going on a cruise in May 2014. I had not ever stayed in a hotel until I started participating in the Special Olympics September 2011. My favorite place to eat is Golden Corral. Ms. Lynn took me to the Georgia Aquarium which was so exciting. Granddaddy Bill, Ms. Lynn’s dad, takes all the residents to a Gwinnett Braves game every summer.

My personal care assistants are teaching me responsibilities around my house. I also have a job now taking care of Ms. Lynn’s 2 small dogs when she is out of town which is usually 3-4 days a week. I have spoiled her dogs, Rikki and Mindi. I love my extended family who are my personal care assistants and roommate. I also spend some holidays with them which is a lot of fun. Mr. Brian and I hang out in his man cave watching football.

I LOVE living here!!! And I LOVE my life!!!!