The Founder

headshot_lynnLynn Robinette founded Wishes 4 Me Foundation, Inc. in April 2002. Her motivation behind creating this organization originated close to home, her own children. Her journey started in September of 1996 when both of her children were diagnosed with Freidriech’s Ataxia, a form of Muscular Dystrophy (MS). Their health were deteriorating and the only option given to her was to wait. After many doctor visits the common theory was that when her children’s health was of a certain severity only then could they perform procedures to stabilize their conditions.

It was apparent that Lynn had to find other options. Their doctors predicted the need for surgery within two years. The operation of choice was having rods fused into their spines after the curvatures became more severe. This was something that, in her eyes, was unacceptable and she refused to put her children through such an ordeal.

Robin and Stephen - Founder's Inspiration
Robin and Stephen - Founder's Inspiration

After long and sleepless nights of study and research she found other options and did not have to subject her children to spinal surgery. More than a decade later, doctors have since ruled out the need for the rods. During the first six years after founding Wishes 4 Me Foundation, Inc. many discoveries have been made, needs identified, and visions noted. Ms. Robinette stands behind a challenge and has rid her vocabulary of the phrase ‘giving up’.


My Belief: God give us no more than we can bear. So my conclusion is that God has to think so highly of us to give us so much.  We are to embrace his will for us and be a light unto others.