The White House – Rachel Raja & Peanut

The White House – Rachel Raja & Peanut


Rachel Raja was born in Bethlehem, PA in 1976.  She lived in Allentown, PA and Detroit, MI between the ages of 6 and 11.  She was home schooled.  She rode horses, both English jumping and Dressage, until she was 19.  As a teenager,, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Rachel received her GED and went to SUNY Morrisville in Morrisville, NY where she studied Equine Racing Management for standard bred and thoroughbred horses.  She was team captain for the tennis team and goalie for the lacrosse team.  Rachel became disabled during her time at SUNY Morrisville after a horse rolled over her and stepped on her in 2003. Rachel changed her degree to Science and graduated in January 2004 with an AAS. 

Rachel lived in various places in New York State and when she was in Potsdam, NY, she met Laura Westover.  They became the best of friends and roommates.  While living in Messina, NY, Rachel was blessed with Peanut, her service dog.  Rachel and Peanut (and Laura) moved to Jamestown, NY, which turned out to be very dangerous.  In trying to find safe, handicapped living arrangements, they found the Wishes 4 Me Foundation.  After talking to Lynn Robinette for 2.5 year, in May 2016, Rachel and Peanut (and Laura) moved to the Atlanta area to live in the Wishes 4 Me Foundation Community.

Since living here, Rachel finally feels safe.  She says she is now organized and enjoys participating in activities with the other residents.  She has exercised her creative talents through crafts and gardening.  She also helped build the fish pond at her house.  Rachel said that it feels like the home she never had.