My name is Jeremy Knauth. I am one of the residents in Steve’s Home. I have enjoyed the opportunity to live in the house. I have a learning disability and a physical disability called, Generalized Cerevical Trunical Dystonia. Dystonia is in the Parkinson Family of disaease. I am currently 27 years old (in 2008). I worked and drove and have lived on my own for awhile. About 2 years ago, I had a seizure which triggered the Dystonia. I am now able to walk short distances with a cane. Now, I do not drive. I need assistance with several daily living task. I have caregivers who assist me on a daily basis. The Caregivers are provided through a Georgia Medicaid Waiver program called the Independent Care Waiver Program (ICWP). I received approximately 56 hours a week in which a caregiver assist me.

Living in Steve’s Home has been wonderful for me. I currently volunteer at the Salvation Army in Lawrenceville. I volunteer by reading books to small children at a daycare center across from the street from where I live. I am able to stay active in the community because of the assistance which I have received through the Wishes 4 Me Foundation and through ICWP. My parents have, also, been able to enjoy some additional free time with me living in Steve’ s Home. I no longer have to depend solely on them for transportation, caregiving, mentoring and assist in networking to retain knowledge of the different resources for disabled individuals. The Wishes 4 Me Foundation works hard to network with various organizations so that we are all informed on as many resources available as possible. The Wishes 4 Me Foundation advocates for the residents of Kate’s Home and Steve’s Home and many other disabled individuals. The volunteers and founder of the foundation help educate as many people as they can about various disabilities and options. The Wishes 4 Me Foundation has assisted me in building my self esteem so that I can also be apart of the community and assist in bringing about awareness to Georgia about how successful we, the physically challenged, can live in the community if given the proper tools and mentoring.

I am very thankful that God has blessed with such a great opportunity. I am very thankful for everyone who has helped me be successful in living in the community and out on my own. I am continuing to learn how to live in a group setting but due to my disabilities, I am not able to live on my own again because of the amount of care which I need.

I am looking forward to the Wishes 4 Me Foundation expanding their efforts to more homes our the first two. We have fun and we have several social events at our houses each month.

Thank you for taking the time to reading about me and supporting the Wishes 4 Me Foundation.


Jeremy Knauth