Adopt a Resident

  • Take him/her out to eat
  • Take him/her to a movie
  • Take him/her shopping
  • Take him/her to a concert
  • Find something to do that you have in common
  • Come over to visit him/her
  • Attend socials with your new friend
  • Bring your new friend little special treats (gift cards, special occasion cards)
  • Call periodically
  • Financial Support
  • Have your new friends attend your family functions
  • Assist with daily living tasks
  • Host a cookout at the resident’s home
  • Take him/her to the zoo, aquarium, etc…
  • Be involved in Special Events / Holidays: birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentines, etc…

Sponsoring a resident is about showing love. There are no specific requirements or regular required tasks in being a sponsor.