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*** Jackson EMC Foundation donation from the Operation Round-Up***

Medical Equipment

Our goal is to help provide appropriate medical equipment to our clients to further their independence & autonomy.

Support Groups

We provide an array of support groups to help build spirit, hope and dignity as well as daily living structure which includes a lot of fun!


We provide structured living for adults with disabilities. Independent living that provides support and care.

Giving up is never an option.

Imagine A Normal Life (Whatever That Is!). Millions of people living with disabilities or significant medical problems struggle every day to live what you and I call a “normal” life. Living on your own, going shopping, preparing meals, etc can all be challenges when you spend all your energy just trying to cope. At Wishes 4 Me, we understand. Our mission is simple. We want to do all we can to make life normal again.

Wishes 4 Me is a Non-Profit Organization that assist adults who are disabled to live a more active and involved lifestyle. Founded on the belief that giving up is never an option, everyone at Wishes 4 Me works overtime to restore a sense of hope to those that have forgotten the very meaning of the word. With an emphasis on safety all homes are customized to fit the special qualities of its occupants.


  • Assist in providing and/or locating medical equipment
  • Assist with locating living arrangements to meet the needs of the individual
  • Assist with support groups
  • Housing project for group style living for disabled adults

No one knows what a normal life really looks like, but all of us essentially want the same thing- independence, love and dignity. That’s exactly what the staff and volunteers at Wishes 4 Me work so hard to provide all our clients. But, we can’t do it alone. With the grace of God and your help, we will work together to provide what each of our clients deserve- a life well lived.


*** Fun at our Walk & Roll for Independence ***

*** Jerry and his garden***

***Residents enjoying their home with their pets. Our homes are a group style where we thrive to improve the quality of live of young disabled adults.***


We are incredibly grateful for the help of our fantastic sponsors, without whom none of our efforts would be possible! 

Our Shooting Star Sponsors:

Jackson EMC Foundation - Grant Awarded for $15,000

Lynn Robinette


Bill Robinette Insurance

Clarksdale, MS

Strictly Mechanical, Inc

Conyers, GA

Joye Girardot